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APP of the Month

  • Muscle Trigger Points

    07/22/2014 // 0 Comments

    If you’re looking for a useful app to download to you i-phone or i-pad then this is a great easy reference app. If you click on an area of the body it displays the [...]

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Latest Posts

  • 3 different picture showing how we conduct virtual consults via phone, computer or watch interface for Core Fusion and the core expert. Dipicts visual programs and online physio consults in porgress
    Cant get to the clinic? No problem - we can 'see' you via our virtual online services. [...]
  • core strength and core work training pilates based on a foam roller

    The Benefits of Good Core Strength

    01/03/2020 // 0 Comments

    We all know that great core strength can help us and is good for us – pretty much all the clients that call us whether they are fitness clients or clinical ones in [...]
  • a strong core gives you a healthy body, reduces pain and gets you a better posture

    Core Strength and a 6 Pack!

    12/29/2019 // 0 Comments

    What you didn’t know about Core Strength. Core strength comes from the deep posture muscles, not the superficial six pack which MOVE the body not SUPPORT the body. Many [...]
  • ger rid of back pain with a plan and direction
    Make 2020 the year you take control and say no more to back pain. Back pain sucks – but it really doesn’t have to be that way! My aim for 2020 is to share my [...]
  • change your life and solve your back pain

    Back Pain Is Not Your Fault

    12/18/2019 // 0 Comments

    I know you’ve been struggling with your back for a long time now, and you’ve gotten yourself all in a tiz and frustrated and angry and upset and now you’re [...]
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