10 Ways To Improve your Posture

We all want a quick fix – but unfortunately changing lifetime habits is NEVER gonna be quick! -We can however start to integrate some new habits – so here’s my top 10 suggestions to improve your posture!

Now before you start reading I want you to gently stretch one finger back and hold it there! Try and maintain it whilst you read the rest unless it gets sore – then obviously stop!

  1. POSTURE – Get an idea where you are with your posture NOW – as soon as someone comments or you’re aware of it you will naturally make an effort to stand better – conscious or otherwise – so TIP #1 – get someone to take a couple of pictures of you when you’re just being you – either at the desk, watching TV – just get snapped when you’re unaware to get a true indication of how you carry yourself! ***look at old photos too – but scrutinise your posture!
  2. DAILY ROUTINE SET UP – Do you spend all day at an office desk or in the car – then have a look at your set up – check what you need is in easy reach and available so you don’t strain to get stuff. Check your chair – ankles knees and hips should be at 90, arms supported and wrists neutral, eye line slightly down towards the computer screen – it you’re sitting for prolonged periods make sure you’re sitting well!
  3. NECK POSTURE – avoid lying in bed and reading or using your device unless you are fully supported – having your neck scrunched up as it will cause you no end of problems!
  4. RELAXING – do you have a favourite chair or place to sit and watch TV or read? check you don’t always favour one side – we may have ‘our spot” at home but make sure you move every now  and again – get up and stretch during commercial breaks or between chapters , or change ends of the chair!
  5. SITTING – Choose the more upright chair to sit it your gonna be watching reading for a longer time – even a dining chair will give you more lower back support. READING -If you like reading – how about placing a pillow on your lap or using a chair with arm supports  – that will take some of the weight of your shoulders and therefore reduce strain around the neck and upper back.
  6. EATING OUT – pick the chair with the back support! go for the grandad chair rather than bar stools or benches that have no support at all – in theses you will have to ‘work to sit” so you’ll fatigue quickly – the bar stool may look a good option but 20 mins later you’ll regret it!
  7. TRAFFIC LIGHTS – when stopped on red – take the opportunity to level out with sitting – remember there is a slight road camber to the left to allow drainage so we all tend to fall left ( right hand drive!) – use the stop as a way to reset and get your weight even on the seat again.
  8. REAR VIEW MIRROR – as we fatigue we start to slouch – resist temptation to lower the mirror at the end of the day – stay upright if you can manage or place a small towel behind you lower back to give you that support. This would explain why in the morning you may tilt the mirror up and in the evening you tilt it down – you fatigue during the day!
  9. CARRYING – carry shopping bags evenly so the weight is distributed both sides or use a back pack over both shoulders or a shopping trolley – just make sure the wheels work well!
  10. MOVE!! – have a reminder set on your phone or device or use your phone  so you stand regularly – stand to take a call or start walking meetings!

Now how’s that finger going? sore or slightly stretched yet? now if I said to you to keep doing that all day you’d think I was crazy and deliberately trying to hurt you – but this is the stress and strain you are placing on your joints with poor posture – so its no wonder you get sore! LOOK AFTER YOUR BODY AND IT WILL LOOK AFTER YOU!

PS – you can let go of your finger now!  Read our other recent article on POSTURE here

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About Saree Hewlett (135 Articles)
Saree has 20 + years as a physio, training in the UK and completing her Masters in Manual Therapy in Perth, UWA. She has integrated Pilates into her practise having trained in the Polestar method and currently owns and runs two Studios in Perth's Northern Suburbs. A previous international Artistic Skater she understands the needs of sports people and also those suffering from chronic pain and reduced function - we all want the same thing - to be the best we can be! She is married with two active young boys!

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