Looking for a Pain SOLUTION not just a quick temporary fix?

Most of us experience pain at some point in our lives, but for a lot us we have recurring problems.

We’ve all heard it before. With each pain episode you get worse pain and its harder and takes longer to get better, until we reach a point where we just don’t remember ever being pain free. Sound familiar?

You end up fatigued, over whelmed and frustrated because even day to day life is now affected. Life is a fine balancing act of doing just enough to function, get around day to day and get back in one piece, without causing a flare up of your symptoms.

It could be vaccuuming that the worst but we have to get it done, 0r  that loaded work position or thinking we can still do certain sports or work on the garden or car! Just that one “normal” activity that just sets us off.

Why you get recurring pain..

In order to understand where and how to start you need to also understand what’s actually happening in your body.

When we first get pain – our body goes into protective mode.  You will get

  • localised swelling – this is the bodies way of protecting the area – it “pads” it out, brings in a good blood supply and all the chemical stuff we need to start healing
  • pain – it’s there to stop us using the area and works with the swelling to prevent further injury.
  • muscles spasm – the muscle go into spasm around the area to protect it and again stop you moving it.

So the body will naturally go into protect mode to prevent further injury. We are all good with our RICE management these days. We ice it, get it elevated, take  painkillers and she’ll be right.

That’s great and yes it does prevent further damage – we just forget that these tissues ARE damaged even though we don’t feel the pain. We need to give them a chance to heal and return to NORMAL function before we stress them again. Mild injury think 3-6 weeks, more severe 6-12 weeks for soft tissue healing.

So – remember these tissues have had muscles around them in spasm and some just plane switch off and stop working. This is especially true for our core muscles if we have back pain, and around the legs its more our balance and quick reaction times – hence the term “weak ankles” – they don’t ever get back in sync to fire quickly enough in the right pattern to stop us going over again if we don’t do adequate rehab.

So now your body is wandering around, happy and pain free but it’s like not doing a wheel alignment after fixing a puncture – it will eventually blow again – many times for no reason, yet we still just keep patching it up. Before too long it goes more regularly and your “alignment” has never been addressed.

This is why fixing the pain and just looking at that part will NEVER work. You just putting out spot fires and patching yourself up. That’s why it will keep being a problem.

No Quick Fix – but there is HOPE!!

Now the good news is THERE IS AN ANSWER! – the bad news is you have to make an effort. Ding the same thing swill only yield the same results.

If you have had on going issues your body will have done a FANTASTIC job of accommodating itself. Notice how people who’ve broken their leg still walk with a slight limp? They may be pain free but they still “limp” – its because that now feels normal and they don’t notice it but they are placing strain on surrounding muscles and tissues as they accommodate to that different walk.

The same happens with pain – you change your whole body posture, and star to move and function differently to accommodate getting around in pain – then you just don’t correct after. You start to use muscles differently – some work too hard and take over and some just don’t work at all. This means we then cause fatigue and strain and our bodies fail.

This is where we as the Core Experts come in. We will listen to your history and obviously look at the painful bits but we also need to know what’s actually going on – what’s working, what’s not, where the body is placing too much stress on its elf and what’s out of balance – THAT’s what also needs to be addressed to be able to get lasting results,

Unfortunately that’s NOT one of those go away and do 3 sets of these at home and come back in two weeks kinda strategies. If you need to re train HOW you function and move you need expert guidance. Sending you away to do it at home will just lead to you dong it wrong and getting no better. That doesn’t mean you wont do any homework! You will.  Just a different kind –  more awareness of your body and what its actually doing and how it’s moving. How you sit ,how you stand what you use, what you don’t. once you crack that baby – you’re half way there. You cant begin to get improvement if you don’t know what the problem is!

Otherwise – just get your quick fix and come back month after month for the same problem.

Are you ready to make a difference to your pain?

Our strategy works. Not only do we get to where you feel the problem – but we also address what the issue is that’s behind that problem – so you have the holistic approach – solve the symptoms and solve the actual problem.

We will look at

  • your posture
  • how you move
  • what muscles are working or not
  • what muscles have shortened or lengthened
  • muscles imbalances
  • function or lack of!

We put that into the bigger picture with the traditional stuff such as tight joints and lack of movement to come up with a strategy to manage it. It’s our job to identify what you need to do to move forward and then put that into a format you can cope with and work with. It’s your job to come with an open mind and a willingness to be pro active! Your body could be a biomechanical mess – and we see heaps of those! but its just a case of then addressing that mess and starting at the  right point. Trying to get strong and do too much too quickly like flinging yourself at the gym will only lead to more imbalance!

Ready to Trust Us?

If you think you’re ready – you can call us and book on 08 9306 8819 or email enquiries@corefusion.net.au – your initial consult will take us an hour and will involve a full assessment process. We can then plan your best course of action whether it is hands on treatment or clinical Pilates, exercise or a combo of everything –  and a potential time frame.

Not Ready to trust us yet?

If you’re still wary of letting another health care person lose on your body – we don’t blame you! it’s hard to hand over trust to someone you don’t know – so why not get to know us a little better and follow us on facebook – at corefusionpilates

We also have a private facebook group which you can post question’s on or feel free to send me an email direct to saree@corefusion.net.au – I am happy to answer any queries you may have or just drop me a line to say what you’re biggest issue or fear is. I am happy to book a chat over the phone to see if we can actually help.

Prefer to just have more info – feel free to request it here:



About Saree Hewlett (135 Articles)
Saree has 20 + years as a physio, training in the UK and completing her Masters in Manual Therapy in Perth, UWA. She has integrated Pilates into her practise having trained in the Polestar method and currently owns and runs two Studios in Perth's Northern Suburbs. A previous international Artistic Skater she understands the needs of sports people and also those suffering from chronic pain and reduced function - we all want the same thing - to be the best we can be! She is married with two active young boys!

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