Our job as a physio is to have an impact. Get your life back

Being a physio to me means helping people get their lives back, achieving a better quality of life, and providing a lasting means for them to stay there. It’s no good being able to help short term – people want long term solutions. We’re here to help you if, If you think you’ve tried everything – I’m here to tell you unless you completely understand why you have your problem, where it comes from, what exactly is causing your symptoms at the moment ( not your diagnosis)  and what you can actively do to help yourself – then you haven’t tried everything because you haven’t got all the answers. If you’re still looking for answers as to why this is happening and what you can do to fix it and you want to fix it If you have a new problem you want addressing and solving – quickly -get seen quickly before it grows and gets out of hand Being a physio for the last 25 + years has taught me there is always something new to learn. We can always better our skills, and over that time I have had the privilige on making an impact and helping umpteen … Continue reading Our job as a physio is to have an impact. Get your life back