With Pain Management- One Size Does Not Fit All

Pain Management – We are all on our own Journeys.

There is no one size fits all. There is no magic formula.

There is just you and what you need.

I hear it all the time that people say  they’re seeing someone for their issue – but they have to deal with them one at a time – they need to do X amount of this, then they can start working on this bit, after 6 sessions on that – they move to the next bit…. that’s pain management.
What a load of bull crap,
Your body is your body. It’s all connected. You can’t fix and change one thing without taking into account the next.
I know – I’ve been there.
I used to work with the NHS which worked very rigidly – people were referred for their shoulder, which meant you couldn’t then look at their neck… you’d need to get permission to manage another part.
THINGS ARE RELATED. period. You just can’t have one thing in isolation and expect that that is it.
If you have a shoulder issue – you will most likely have a connected problem with your head and shoulder blade and upper back.
No point fixing one thing first ( the shoulder) , and THEN deciding to look at the next bit ( the neck or upper back) – that’s not only wasting your time but your money too.
 We spend an hour on your initial assessment to look at you as a whole. 
We can then manage you as a whole.
You are not a bit. You shouldn’t be managed as a ‘bit’
And managing ‘bits’ doesn’t get lasting results.
My son swims, one of his fellow swimmers had a shoulder pain – she was told to rest it for 6 weeks and it would be fine.
No one talked to her about posture
No one talked to her about her rounded shoulders and how as a swimmer that could cause major issues.
NO one talked to her about stretching her pecs out that were tight.
NO one told her about stretching her back which was rounded.
NO one told her to alter her stroke or talk to the coach so she could keep training.
She was given a 6 week break and NO exercise or posture care or stretches.
That’s just heart breaking
A competitive swimmer that’s loses 6 weeks.
AND has nothing to show for it as she is set up for another fall – still rounded shoulders, still likely to impinge, and a classes case of swimmers shoulder waiting to happen.
You are a whole – not a bit.
You should be managed as such – Don’t sell yourself short.
And if you don’t like what you hear – go get a second opinion!


About Saree Hewlett (134 Articles)
Saree has 20 + years as a physio, training in the UK and completing her Masters in Manual Therapy in Perth, UWA. She has integrated Pilates into her practise having trained in the Polestar method and currently owns and runs two Studios in Perth's Northern Suburbs. A previous international Artistic Skater she understands the needs of sports people and also those suffering from chronic pain and reduced function - we all want the same thing - to be the best we can be! She is married with two active young boys!

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