Back Pain Is Not Your Fault

change your life and solve your back pain

I know you’ve been struggling with your back for a long time now, and you’ve gotten yourself all in a tiz and frustrated and angry and upset and now you’re thinking you have to just cope with this, and will it ever end? Is this really my lot in life.

And I want you to know that it’s not your fault that you are where you are right now.

You see there’s so much information out there that everything is just too confusing to decipher. There’s so much to choose from and so many different people telling you to do different things , from what worked for their next door neighbour, to Aunty Betty to their dentist to the shop keeper. Everyone is different and everyone has their own different path to tread. And you have yours.

The one key thing is – doing nothing will gain nothing. Something needs to change for your situation to change.

The main facts stay the same though:

  • weak muscles need to get strong
  • core strength needs to be there
  • stiff joints need to move
  • you do need to be fitter and more active
  • you do want to be less dependent on medication
  • you may need to modify what you do and how you do it

And whilst all those messages are great and most advise will contain some or all of the above – the biggest thing missing is the HOW.

How do you start and from where. This is where it all falls down.

You try and do things too fast, to soon and in the wrong order and you fail.

And that’s what I will show you – where to start and how and what to do so you don’t fail.

Just being able to move and get up and stand pain free – takes time and effort if you’re coming from that far back – and so going to boot camp or classes is not the answer if you struggle with pain in basic day to day activities. That’s why our group classes are aimed at people who are pain free and able to move freely – they are not aimed at getting people with back pain better.

You should be relatively pain free to do them – not do them to get pain free.

You need a basis to work from first and we can give you that basis.

You need to start at the beginning and get your body that’s been used to being stiff moving. And it may not like it – but we will find a way that it does like.

You need to get some support built up in your deep muscles and get those active and working again before you can then layer on the bigger superficial muscles that you want to put on that give you that ‘cut’ and toned look.

You need to modify what you do so you can get stronger in a supported way and in good time so you don’t fatigue out or cause muscles spasm which then puts you back in more pain.

You need to do things in the right order and build on that slowly so and over a longer period of time so you get sustainable results that you can maintain.

I know you’ve felt good at times and your pain has abated and so you’ve taken the opportunity to go to a group class or go exercise, but have gotten a set back quite quickly again when your pain has flared up.

This is because you get fatigued as you don’t have the background support, and those muscles you do use – they just got worked a whole lot harder and complained, and you go into spasm and back to square one again.

We know – we see it all the time- you feel you’ve tried everything. But we see that you’re you’re doing the same things – just via different activities.

You’re in a maze and just hitting dead ends all the time.

You need a way out – and that way is addressing the deep muscles – the deep core, the muscles that work too hard need to relax and let those weaker muscles get a chance to be used. And group classes or sports won’t do that. It’s not specific enough – and you need specific.

But I do my releases you may say, and I roll out the tight muscles – and yes you do – but what are you then doing to re dress that balance?

You cant over ride tight and strong muscles – because they are tight and strong for a reason… they are compensating for those muscles that are weak or inactive. and until you make those muscles work again – those tight strong ones will keep on doing their thing.

In a world of general – You need specific.

Group classes and sports and personal trainers work with you to get you fit and strong and toned – they are not working with you to fix specifics that cause you back issues and pain. They are working with you and MODIFYING what they do to ACCOMMODATE your back – but they are not MANAGING and TREATING your back pain.

They will change what they do – YES so you can do what they ask – but that doesn’t mean it is allowing the right structures to function – it means you have been given an exercise that you can cope with.

That’s two very different things.

We manage what deficits you have that cause your problem in the first place. Because we are looking at what that is and managing that.

That takes expert knowledge and skill.

Your body moves the way it does now because its the path of least resistance and the path it knows works for it right now.

You’ve tried new paths – but they have led you deeper into the woods and you’re more lost and frustrated so have stayed put. Tried a little venture up and new path every now and again and gotten nowhere fast. That’s why you’ve been driven crazy thinking you have tried everything – but really you’ve just taken a oath that had no real defined direction and you ended up back at square one.

You need a new – clear – defined path to follow – one that has clear direction and whilst you may stop at times and need to re- evaluate and change direction a little – you will still be on the path out – and that’s what we can give you.

That’s why when you try walking, or swimming, or group fitness classes or personal training that you still get no real change – you haven’t addressed specifics and have just moved your body using the same muscles in the same way. So nothing really changes.

Real and effective change comes with being able to activate and access those deeper support muscles – and that requires time and skill to get that happening.

If you have back pain that causes you to modify and think about what you’re doing – then you need expert help as general training is not specific enough for you.

You need to know EXACTLY which muscles are working and which ones are not. Which ones are compensating and why.

And I mean EXACTLY.

Right down to …my left internal oblique isn’t working and that cause my body to rotate which puts pressure on this area giving me pain so my hip flexor muscle compensates causing compression and giving me pain and I over use my ITB to stabilise.

If you don’t know this – you will not get long term results because you are working blind.

You may know bits – so you release ITB – but you’re only solving a piece of the puzzle – that’s why you have to keep releasing ITB and that’s why you say it feels better – but it keeps coming back.

You need to take away the ITB over working yes – but then you need to replace it by activating what isn’t working- this alongside other things as the part most people and therapists and trainers miss…because you need to be specific about the WHY. That’s when things start to change and STAY changed.

If you have had long term pan and issue and haven’t been given this information – then it’s not your fault – you didn’t know how specific you need to get to get those results long term, and you’ve been giving it your best shot – but you’ve been stuck and know you know why.

Let us give it our best shot.

You owe it to yourself.

I know we can help you and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We can reduce your pain quickly but the building up and changing the deep structures behind that – its like a re build from the inside out and that takes a bit of time. Just because pain goes – doesn’t mean everything is fixed. If you stop here – you will slip right back again as nothing is ‘holding you’ here.

Look at 3 months – that’s how long it tales for physiology to really change and become ‘longer term’ changes – that’s why all the body change program are 12 weeks!

You deserve to get those long term results but you need to also understand how and why you haven’t had them so far. You deserve to enjoy life and do what you want to do when you want to do it like everyone else seems to – not have to second guess because of pain.

So what now?

If you’re ready – we’re ready and able to help you, listen to you, guide you, support you and inspire you to effect change because you CAN DO IT.

It’s your time.

Grab it whilst you can – it will only get harder.

Take the next step and make this your year!

We’d love to help you make it your best!


If you are in the Hillarys area and want to see us in person – give us a call on 9306 8819 or we’re on email – or use our online contact form here

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About Saree Hewlett (149 Articles)
Saree has 20 + years as a physio, training in the UK and completing her Masters in Manual Therapy in Perth, UWA. She has integrated Pilates into her practise having trained in the Polestar method and currently owns and runs two Studios in Perth's Northern Suburbs. A previous international Artistic Skater she understands the needs of sports people and also those suffering from chronic pain and reduced function - we all want the same thing - to be the best we can be! She is married with two active young boys!

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