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This site aims to be a go to resource for Pilates within the local and wider community. Find tips on Health and Fitness, as well as clinical Pilates. Get access to exercises, videos and useful anedotes – both for fitness and clinical.

About Core Fusion


Core Fusion provides expert assessment, biomechanical analysis and outcome goals that get results. With staff that have extra qualifications such as masters in manual therapy, acupuncture, pilates, power plate alongside solid expert knowledge and a genuine passion to help clients realise their full potential – we ARE THE GO TO service in the Northern suburbs that can make a difference – whether your goal is to get out of bed pain free, or to compete and perform at elite level – we can assist you in fulfilling your potential.

We have a good solid reputation amongst the local medical profession and enjoy referrals from fellow physio practitioners / GP’s / chiros and massage therapist, sporting groups to name a few. We are at the fore front of a new style of rehab that gets excellent results even in the acutely injured phases as we can tailor and adapt your rehab to keep you active and moving during the healing process. We are gaining momentum and popularity by being able to change chronic long standing conditions – many of our clients come to us as with long standing issues – we can make a difference.


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• Physiotherapy
• Pilates
• Sports
• Classes
• Booty Barre
• Actively Aging
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