Posture and day to day advice and tips

Spine Anatomy and Back Pain

Understanding what the spine is comprised of can really help you understand what is going on with your back pain.   In my 25 + years of treating and managing people with [...]

03/22/2019 // 0 Comments

Is your body a Fixer Upper?

Does your body need a small make over, or a whole new re build? We’ve all seen those renovation shows – people buy the old run down house, an old barn, in some [...]

10/11/2018 // 0 Comments

Why I Love Pilates for Posture

My posture 13 years ago was abysmal. I didn’t notice at first how bad it had got until I couldn’t reach our over head cupboards…. My husband and I are both [...]

04/10/2018 // 0 Comments

Results Driven Physio Management

What to expect when you come for Physio Management. Coming to physio can be scary – we get it. You take a leap of faith and go to see someone because you can’t [...]

01/09/2018 // 0 Comments

What’s really holding you back?

I really need to (insert …..) I really should start doing something… I really need to do Pilates… I really need to get my back sorted… I really need a [...]

11/24/2017 // 0 Comments

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