Posture and day to day advice and tips

Is your body a Fixer Upper?

Does your body need a small make over, or a whole new re build? We’ve all seen those renovation shows – people buy the old run down house, an old barn, in some [...]

10/11/2018 // 0 Comments

Why I Love Pilates for Posture

My posture 13 years ago was abysmal. I didn’t notice at first how bad it had got until I couldn’t reach our over head cupboards…. My husband and I are both [...]

04/10/2018 // 0 Comments

Results Driven Physio Management

What to expect when you come for Physio Management. Coming to physio can be scary – we get it. You take a leap of faith and go to see someone because you can’t [...]

01/09/2018 // 0 Comments

What’s really holding you back?

I really need to (insert …..) I really should start doing something… I really need to do Pilates… I really need to get my back sorted… I really need a [...]

11/24/2017 // 0 Comments

Flexibility – What does that mean?

“I want to increase my core strength and have better flexibility” That’s what prospective and current clients tell us all the time. What is that having [...]

08/31/2017 // 0 Comments

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