Pilates Mat Classes – Main Information

We have two structures for pilates group classes
1. Physio /clinical pilates / rehab
2. Pilates Mat /fitness

The main difference between the two is :

The physio led classes allow you to access your private health fund, an initial consult is required and the class sizes are small, and aimed at those who want to improve their day to day function but have either pain, limitation of movement and require modification of exercises as determined by their assessment.

The fitness style of class requires no assessment although you have to attend the introduction to Pilates class – we expect clients to be able to exercise freely without restriction and be relatively pain free. Aimed at those who want to improve their flexibility/ stamina/ and strength and also their general well being.

Physio led Clinical Pilates / Rehab Classes

Physio Mat Classes

  • An initial consult is required prior to joining a physio led class so we can ascertain what restrictions you may have to movement and to assist you get more out of your Pilates experience
  • All our physio or clinical rehab classes are led by a fully qualified physio
  • There is a max number of 8 per class so we can fully supervise and correct technique
  • Health rebates apply.

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Physio led Clinical Pilates / Rehab Classes include:

Physio Mat Class / general mobility class

  • Aimed at those with mild to moderate back or neck pain who can still “move a little”
  • NOT suitable if you cannot get on the floor and turn over comfortably
  • Exercises modified to help get you moving in a safe way
  • Learn how to move and perform those exercises at home
  • Build up your core strength and improve your general strength, mobility and flexibility
  • Small prop such as the fitball/ magic circle/ resistance band or Chi balls may be used to provide variety/ resistance and further challenge

We are also looking at interest in special groups that will benefit from pilates rehab such as:

  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Cancer clients
  • Osteoporosis / bone density building
  • Golfers
  • Racquet sports
  • Runners
  • Swimmers

Physio PREGNANCY CIRCUIT (equipment based)


  • Suitable for all stages of pregnancy as we utilise the big Pilates equipment which ensures you exercise safely and modified way dependant on your stage of pregnancy
  • Work at your own pace as we work on a circuit style of lass – timed at each station so you can do as much as you can manage without feeling you cant keep up!
  • Comfortable exercises that keep you moving
  • Learn some home exercises versions to continue with at home
  • Give your body and baby a good start by keeping active and mobile throughout your pregnancy
  • Feel secure in the expert hands of a physio taking the class – so you can be sure of great advise if you start having difficulties during your pregnancy
  • Follow up after the birth with mums and bubs!

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Physio MUMS N BUBS (mat)

  • Your initial consult will check pelvis stability, posture, biomechanics and whether you have a “spilt” ( diastasis) of you tummy muscles post delivery
  • New mums need to be very careful on their return to exercise as going” too hard too fast” may lead to pelvic floor and problems with urinary continence
  • Classes will cover good posture, pelvic floor exercises, core strength and stabilising exercises as well as general work for the whole body
  • This class focuses on getting your body back post delivery ina safe and guided way
  • Enjoy a workout with bub
  • Suitable from 8-12 weeks post delivery
  • Enjoy a coffee and chat after with the other mums!


Physio Over 50″s / Foam Roller Class

  • Aimed at those baby boomers and above
  • Exercise in a safe environment that keeps you strong and healthy whilst stimulating bone density
  • Avoid and learn what exercises may cause harm or potential damage if you have osteoporosis or weak bones
  • Use the foam roller to further challenge your strength and core stability and learn how to release tight or over-active muscles

Call us to register your interest 9306 8819


Special Groups

Classes can be tailor made to suit certain groups such as

  • Golfers
  • Racquet sports
  • Runners
  • Swimmers


  • Pilates for kids
  • Pilates for teenagers

Pilates Classes Fitness/General

  • Aimed at those who are fit and well, able to move freely without pain or restriction
  • Those “NEW” to Pilates will need to attend a introduction class which goes over the basic principles of the Pilates method and covers the basic exercises ensuring you then get the most out of your class. These will be held on the first wed of every month or according to demand
  • Classes are limited to a max number of 12
  • Class focus or style will be dependent on its NAME = see below
  • Health rebates not applicable
  • Instructor led
  • All equipment provided on site
  • Payments can be casual class attendance or cheaper if bought in blocks


Pilates Mat

Classes may be done with a fit ball, foam roller, magic circle, chi ball or theraband to give added challenge, resistance and interest!

General work will be done in all with added focus on the area named. Eg Tums and bums.

Also we will program in classes according to demand – do you have a preferred time – just e-mail us with your preferences – we will use that information when we are programming – also check our facebook page – FB/corefusionpilates – to keep up to date with info or check out the online listings.



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