Sports Injuries


At Core Fusion we can accurately assess your injury and advise you on recovery time, rehabilitation required and recommendations to prevent or reduce risk of further episodes.

With our expert knowledge we can ensure you return to sport as soon as you are able. We can start to rehab you early utilising the specialist pilates equipment we can adapt rehab to make it sport specific along with improving your core strength to facilitate better performance. This minimises down time and helps maintain all other body parts as well.

Core Fusion can manage your injury with correct and timely intervention, appropriate exercise progression and a good return to sport program to assist you in achieving your goals.

Pilates vast repertoire allow us to modify and get you moving very early on so we can still load you in certain positions to gain optimum performance without over loading stressed tissues.


Sports Performance / Sports specific

We have high level national and international athletes that use our service to ensure optimum strength and performance – and we can tailor your program to suit your needs and goals – whether they be maintaining fitness, increasing strength, gaining that competitive edge or improving general well being and flexibility.

A thorough performance assessment can also identify what areas are requiring work and what areas are at risk of potential injury in the future – we can also then advise steps necessary to reduce against that risk.

Sports / Sporting Groups

  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Improve technique/strength and performance
  • Get sports specific training
  • Improve core strength and motor control
  • Individual assessment and rehab programming to help you achieve your goals
  • Sports specific performance and training can be arranged for your club to get that x factor
  • Arrange individual or group training
  • “corporate” style sessions can be arranged where we can come and talk to your club about the importance of your body as a whole – that includes maintaining and reducing risk of injury common to your sport
  • We can cover “risk areas’ that may need addressing
  • Pre season screening and musculoskeletal assessments that can help address potential issues before they become a problem
  • Importance of listening to your body

Examples include:

Runners – adequate footwear and support/ poor biomechanics can lead to shin splints, Achilles tendon problems, runners knee due to maltracking

Footy players – over tight hamstrings and weak gluts may lead to low back pain or osteitis pubis due to altered mechanics.

Swimmers – poor posture can lead to tight pecs and thoracic cage – leading to shoulder tendonitis/ bursitis or rotator cuff issues.

  • we can identify these so time is not lost “waiting for them to settle or recover” but rather sorting out the underlying issue before it becomes an issue and correcting body mechanics.
  • Gain valuable insight in what to look out for s you can get advice and assistance in a timely manner and reduce down time
  • Gain modified training methods so those unable to partake can still train in a protected way


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