Your Guide to Surviving the Royal Show when you’re in Pain.

Tips to keep your pain under control on days out


Going to the Show this year but also dreading it because of Pain? Whether you have back, hip or knee pain – there’s nothing fun about facing a day on your feet around the showgrounds when you’re not prepared.

Here’s some tips that may just help you make it through the day!

The key to managing pain in general is to work out what makes pain worse and also what makes it better – sounds simple in theory but most of us don’t pay too much attention to listening to our bodies. Days out become a nightmare if we don’t plan well to accommodate the pain. Plan your day – build in rests and breaks which means that everyone is on the same page – leading to a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

  1. Know your limitations – if you know you can’t stand or walk longer than 30 mins – take that into account – plan in rests every 25 mins so you don’t get too sore too quickly – find a wall or chair to perch or sit on and rest. Then go again.
  2. Have a look at the show program before you go – look at what events you are interested in going to and high light them on the map. Have a look at the time slots that these occur at the various venues and plan your route accordingly – having to double back and walk twice as far due to poor planning and timing will make you miserable.
  3. Take advantage of the chairs and seats that are provided at various venues – getting there early and grabbing a seat will mean you get a rest and recuperate.
  4. Use the train – There is a train that goes around the show grounds aimed at the kids – so use it and the kids will have fun as well!
  5. Bringing a bag? Use a well fitting back pack to ensure you have the weight distributed evenly over your shoulders – use one that also allows some weight to go through your hips. A pull along trolley may also be beneficial to reduce actual carrying.
  6. Taking your own food/ drinks? Think about small containers and drink bottles that will collapse down so not only do you save weight as you use them but also allows for space to be made so you’re not carrying even more bags as you purchase stuff through out the day.
  7. Take advantage of any bag minding facilities – it may mean a trip back to get stuff and dump stuff – but then you’re not carrying so much around – great if you plan to have a picnic and have brought an eski – you don’t need that stuff ALL DAY.
  8. If you’re taking little ones – utilise the base of the pram for heavier items.
  9. Plan in a few breaks and picnic stops – make sure every one is privy to whats going on.You can opt to be the “bag minder” and stay put at ‘basecamp” and rest whilst other members of your group go off and explore.
  10. Take advantage of any available walls – perch and lean against them, sit when you can, take regular rest breaks and be respectful of your pain.

Show day is about having fun – so a little pre-planning can make the day a bit less daunting and a lot more enjoyable. Plan your day, set your own pace – take a stroll, stop and rest, continue on and take your time. We don’t have to get around everything within a couple of hours. Slow and steady wins the race 🙂




About Saree Hewlett (135 Articles)
Saree has 20 + years as a physio, training in the UK and completing her Masters in Manual Therapy in Perth, UWA. She has integrated Pilates into her practise having trained in the Polestar method and currently owns and runs two Studios in Perth's Northern Suburbs. A previous international Artistic Skater she understands the needs of sports people and also those suffering from chronic pain and reduced function - we all want the same thing - to be the best we can be! She is married with two active young boys!

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