How do you manage injury …….. and how do you go getting directions?

Injury management if done correctly and followed well means early and quick return to activity – however trying to free form it with little direction can lead you down the path of chronic issues….

Do you use Siri? Do you have a Sat Nav or Tom Tom?

How we go about our daily activities may also influence how we approach our bodies…..I like direction and generally have an end game – but how i get there can be quite free  form and open to change depending on the situation of course!

Take driving and maps – I like to have a look at where I am going and how long it may take so I’ve got a decent time frame and directional plan in my head – and as I don’t have sat nav – I’ll generally head out and get the kids to direct from my phone – that doesn’t always end well at all – so we may pull over and have a conflab and then get going again – but I have always got a fare idea of where I am headed and what the road plan looks like – the kids are back up and on the spot correctors incase of emergency… but I have learnt over many a harrowed car journey to a unknown place NOT to rely on them completely if I want to get where I am going in the appropriate time frame! – be prepared to stop, check yourself and leave plenty of extra time for detours!

My hubby’s car  has sat nav – he plugs in where he needs to go and then sets off….’Siri’ tells him when he goes wrong and sets a correction course for him to follow…. I can’t count the times I want to smash her cos she gets slowly more infuriated …. ‘make legal u turn’ …. if you don’t obey – she repeats and on and on it goes until you eventually do what she wants,  or she re directs you and finds an alternate route, or you get fed up and switch her off!

Of course we all have our way and we all have our plan…. how we execute that plan determines the outcome.

This is a lot like rehab.

We know we want to get somewhere – so we research what the issue may be, how to deal with it, we see a physio and are given a course of management.

Client A – lurves Siri! will take note on what road to turn, how many metres away that is, what the new road name is and how long until destination. They take on board everything you say – listens to you and gets from home base to destination in course, time efficiently and by the book ( well as well as traffic stops, road works etc will allow – but you get my drift. – clinicially – they listen and get better quick as they follow advise and follow through to the end. OUr ideal client – does their homework and progresses as planned…

Client A – time efficient – economical use of petrol and time, wear and tear on car

Client B – they’re the ones that may not quite pay the right amount of attention – they miss a few steps/ or think they know a short cut – need to double back a bit, they still get there but it takes a bit longer depending on how many ‘ make a legal u turn’ – or ‘re routing’ incidences there are! – They get there. Not quite as effectively – there were a few detours and set backs, but they got themselves back on track and to the end result. – These clients listen but have their own ideas and try and jump the gun a bot or maybe do things they shouldn’t but they get back on track eventually…..but they do take direction and will re adjust – they just have some of their own ideas that’s all.

Client B – maybe burned through a bit more petrol and had a puncture but came out unscathed – just a bit more waer and tear than anticpated

Client C – well these are the ones that just do their own thing! – they started following instructions and well – lets just say they didn’t listen, they got side tracked, they carried on their own path cos we may just find a way out or a way around, despite being told to make a u turn or re route – they just do their own thing. Siri gets switched off and they give up and fly solo. These people are the ones that fall off the management wagon – they want some help but don’t really want to follow it to the letter  – they give up and know they need to stay on track but will try and find a work around…until eventually they lose their way and give up – switch off Siri and go somewhere else – so the destination itself is changed – a bit like trying to get to Albany but settling for Margaret River – not bad but not really where you saw yourself being. “Siri does’t work – I don’t like using her.

Client C – had a few pit stops, burned out the tyres, heaps of petrol guzzled, also needed a tyre change, oil change, chewed through heaps of petrol, car came through a bit battered and dented but still functions OK if you drive it a certain way as the wheel balance is now permanently off….

So which one are you? Or are you actually Client D?

Client D – knows they are at A and needs to get to B – but figures – I have no sat nav – I’ll just wing it – I’ll head off in this direction and see what happens, I may stop on the way and pull over and have a quick squizz at my phone and then get back on the road. I  may phone a friend or call the destination and get some direction , but I really am winging it!

After a while – they may get there – but a helluva lot longer time frame passes, or they may actually give up and get some help when they realise they are completely lost – and then have to back track for ages to find the right road again….. they are told this way so they head there, the someone else says no should’ve gone that way, so they back track, get a bum steer by someone else, and end up not trusting anyone at all……

These are the ones who say – my neighbour had it and told me to do this, I read i should try this, I tried a little bit but id dint work first time. I asked google and google said this…….equates to  I tried numerous different physios, and nothing worked – I didn’t get from A to B- mainly because there was no commitment and no follow through.

Client D – well they just got their car back – it was a bit worse on the damage bill then they thought – they though t it was just a click and clunk but actually they need a whole new engine and re build because they ran it ragged due to no oil – and the head gasket nearly blew too!…..told you travelling cost money and I’m worse off cos I nearly lost my car – should’ve just stayed in the garage….


So how do you approach directions and travel? Can you relate to anything with your health?

Do you like planning what to get there in the shortest time possible and the most efficiently and follow it to the letter?

Do you like a general plan with a little stop broken in for a picnic and rest, and maybe a bit of s scenic route?

Maybe you know you’re heading South and will see where that south road takes you? if you happen to go East a bit that’s not such a big thing – East is fine?

Or do you just ‘go’ – no direction, will pit stop, stop, start, ask direction,double back, return home , have another go in a few months, then decide its not gonna happen – South is a LONG way away and we may just settle for here instead?

Commitment Direction and an ability to deal with roadblocks and get back on track are all that’s required to get from A -to B – and of course and FANTASTIC SAT NAV!!!! 🙂


Direction is the Key to Long Term Pain Management


About Saree Hewlett (149 Articles)
Saree has 20 + years as a physio, training in the UK and completing her Masters in Manual Therapy in Perth, UWA. She has integrated Pilates into her practise having trained in the Polestar method and currently owns and runs two Studios in Perth's Northern Suburbs. A previous international Artistic Skater she understands the needs of sports people and also those suffering from chronic pain and reduced function - we all want the same thing - to be the best we can be! She is married with two active young boys!

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