Pain Management shouldn’t be left to chance

Do you manage your Pain by hoping for the best? Do you treat your body like you’re playing pinball?   You’ve got no real direction but you’re just aiming and blasting a ball out ‘hoping’ and you know you have a few attempts left up your sleeve at hitting jackpot if it doesn’t work?   Doesn’t really matter because if that attempt fails – you’ve got another shot…, or you’ll come back another day and try again.   That’s what happens with pain or injury.   People listen to what others say – Oh I had that I tried this and it worked, so you try and it doesn’t.   Next go you consult Dr Google   Then you try something else   Until you’re out of options and you haven’t won so you walk away and give up – or you go back a little while latter and have another few goes.   And what happens when you lose at pinball?   You walk away deflated, your energy level is low and you you’re all out of change to play again.   Here’s what people say when they are looking at coming to see us.   I’ve wasted so … Continue reading Pain Management shouldn’t be left to chance