Looking for an Effective Back Pain Management Program

Do you know  immediately what to do when your back pain plays up?

Do you have a management strategy that you can implement straight away that will effectively manage and control your back pain?

If not – would you want one?

A client came to us from another practise. She had had ongoing pain and issues for a number of years – and had her own management plan to work with.

She had pains A, B and C. She had 20 exercises to deal with those pains…. all listed on a sheet.

Her strategy was if she got pain – and it didn’t matter which pain-  A,B, C – she did the same things… she went through the 5 sheets of exercises she had which took over 40 minutes.

Whilst that is a plan that works – she still had NO IDEA what to do for each pain.

Whilst she could control her pain – it took 4o minutes of the same repetitive exercises to do so.

To me – that’s not an effective plan.

You should KNOW what gives you pain, what irritates you and what to avoid, and then what to do to fix it.


Each area of pain should have its own specific modality or solution.

Pain A happens I do this 1/2/3

Pain B happens I do this 4/5/6

Pain C happens I do this 7/8/9

That is an effective management protocol and that is what we give to our clients.


The other key thing in effective management of pain is what causes it – if you get it towards the end of the day or the end of the working week – its likely to be a loading issue or a fatigue issue – therefore advocating even more loading with compressive style of exercises will not help… you should be doing something that ‘unloads’ it or helps reduce that load – where most feel they are weak so want to increase their core strength – which is great – but not by doing compressive types of exercises such as sit up or poor technique planks – hence why when you try and exercise it hurts or spasms even more- you’ve loaded it even further.

Most people just don’t get the complexity of managing pain that has been there for so long.


Having managed people in pan now for over 25 years – there are a fair few things that get over looked and skipped over – that are REALLY important:

Back Pain Management is not just about Pain relief – you need to also address…

  • your mindset – this needs a major reset and re shift – you have to start thinking differently and accepting that what you have done to date hasn’t worked – so you need to try something different – and that also means thinking differently
  • your life style reset – what we do every day, day in day out has a massive impact on our bodies and we need to have a good look at what we do and learn to have some strategies in place to deal with it effectively – most only  think about what they do when they go to lift something heavy or they do their 3 sets of 10 exercises – and forget what s going on the other 20 plus hours of the day.
  • your behaviour reset – we get caught up in accustomed behaviour and habits – our bodies adjust to accommodate our pain when its acute. that acute episode ends and we are still behaving the same as when we had severe pain- so our bodies remain reluctant to do things because of fear.
  • how you move – remember when you see someone who’s broken their leg – everything has healed but they still limp – it doesn’t hurt – they just move differently and don’t realise? – your back is the same – it just doesn’t move the way it did – and that has to be re learnt… and for that you need expert help
  • your muscles get weak and others get strong… we lose the ‘core muscles’ our deep postural muscles that switch off when we get pain.we than activate and over use our big ‘moving muscles’ to compensate’ – and when we try  and then build up our core or go to a personal trainer or boot camp – we build up those moving muscles even more and the deep posture core muscles don’t get activated – WHY – because that’s an experts job to do that – you should know which ones are not working and how to get them working again and boot camp is not the answer… this is why you may be fine doing one or two session at the gym – but do session 3 and your back plays up- it’s back to those compression forces again.
  • its a reset of your muscles, flexibility, mobility and how you move.. not just for 30 minutes a day – but all day everyday – and don’t stress – we are really good at getting that going so you don’t even notice!

A mixture of all these layers s what builds effective management and this the the key to why most people fail – they try and do it themselves, nut they only address one issue – or they get managed by others – but again they only manage one issue.

It need to be a multi-factoral approach.

If you are happy getting a back massage every two weeks when you get tight and sore and that’s how you want to manage your pain and that works for you great!

My point would be – you know you can change your pain- but you cant make it last longer than two weeks before you need help again – what about looking at what’s causing it to tighten up over that two weeks and then address THAT.

See chirp or physio for mobs or adjustments every 1-4 weeks – again – great – you know you can control your pain – how about addressing what’s missing so you continue to move forward and ‘hold’ for longer than those 1-4 weeks?

My view of effective management is that – that you have the tools you require to self manage as much as you can, and then seek help when you are not responding as you would like,

If pain A happens you do 1/2/3

If pain B happens you do 4/5/6

and so on – and if you have irritated it or hurt it seek help. If it doesn’t get better the way it has seek help.

That’s what effective management is about – we should be empowering our clients to have the confidence and know how to be able to put your own strategies in place and not become dependent on outside help.

If you have pain on a Saturday afternoon and nothing is open until Monday morning – you should have some tools available to you to be able to do something to help yourself… and if you’ve never been given  any guidance on what they may be or advise on how to – maybe you need to look for someone that does.


Want to see us in person – we have out studio in Hillarys WA – 9306 8819 for bookings or email us enquiries@corefusion,net.au



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