Pilates and Physio Combined Make for Dynamite!

Why Open a Pilates and Physio Studio?

My goal when I opened this studio was to

**have an impact on as many lives as I could,
**to encourage people to see that there was always something that can be done – even if you think there isn’t.
** to show that people DO listen and want to help you reach your goals
** to give hope to those who have had no benefit before

But mainly to provide the service for the general public that I would want to receive knowing the wealth of knowledge that I have.

It disgusted me that people were fobbed off and out in the too hard box, when it just takes a bit more time, knowledge and experience to deal with some issues.

That people were told there was nothing left to do because those trying to help them had exhausted their own tool box.

I KNOW that there is always a way to help – you may not necessarily get pain free and you need to put in the work required – but you can ALWAYS change something.

What’s mad a big difference is our experience – and our ability to think beyond the standard and of course the resources at our disposal to be able to take you to that next level,

What we need from you?

A chance.

A belief in yourself that this cant be it… and this is you for life.

A belief that you can effect a change with the RIGHT guidance and a COMMITMENT that things just don’t change over night and you trust the process.

That’s why we started, that’s why we keep going – to impact and help those – and tbh – the ones that we get the best results from are the ones that have been given up on by others!

If you want to take a chance and get back on track – book in –

9306 8819 / enquiries@corefusion.net.au

or give us a call and just suss us out – we don’t bite! :0

Our job as a physio is to have an impact. Get your life back


About Saree Hewlett (135 Articles)
Saree has 20 + years as a physio, training in the UK and completing her Masters in Manual Therapy in Perth, UWA. She has integrated Pilates into her practise having trained in the Polestar method and currently owns and runs two Studios in Perth's Northern Suburbs. A previous international Artistic Skater she understands the needs of sports people and also those suffering from chronic pain and reduced function - we all want the same thing - to be the best we can be! She is married with two active young boys!

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