I Want a Strong Core!

Most people want a strong core….they’ve been told they need one or one helps… but what exactly does that mean and what does that get you?….

The strong core is the goal, but the outcome and what it gets you is so much more personal to people.


A strong core helps Back Pain – it supports the back so you have the bones and vertebrae and discs being helped with reducing the stresses and strains by the core offering support.
Strong core = less back pain.


A strong core helps posture – getting the right muscles working means your posture improves, so you have better support around your spine and you stand taller
strong core = better posture and standing


A strong core helps you look longer and leaner – as we support the spine and abs and strengthen the core we stand up taller and with ‘gut’ sucks in so we look thinner and leaner and longer.
Strong Core – helps us look ‘toned’


A strong core gives us confidence – when we work out we get endorphin released and as our bodies change and we tone up – we start to fit into clothes and feel better about ourselves.
Strong core = confidence .


A strong core gives us tone and strength – as we work out and activate the core well – we gain definition and tone in our abs.
Strong core = toned abs


A strong core gives us stability and co-ordination and the ability to use our body effectively – we can the perform better – that’s why elite athletes are now using Pilates more.
Strong Core = better performance


Do you activate your core correctly? -check out the video below to see…



Most don’t and that is why you don’t get the results… it tales time and effort to get the correct technique but when you do – you KNOW what it feels like!

Whats’ your WHY? and can you activate your core well and effectively?



Out intro packages for fitness are designed to give you the best start so you know what it feels like to use your core and you know where to find it!

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About Saree Hewlett (135 Articles)
Saree has 20 + years as a physio, training in the UK and completing her Masters in Manual Therapy in Perth, UWA. She has integrated Pilates into her practise having trained in the Polestar method and currently owns and runs two Studios in Perth's Northern Suburbs. A previous international Artistic Skater she understands the needs of sports people and also those suffering from chronic pain and reduced function - we all want the same thing - to be the best we can be! She is married with two active young boys!

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