What is Pilates?


Pilates was devised by Joseph Pilates in the1920’s evolving into an exercise system based on building awareness of the body and enhancing and strengthening core stability of the spine. It uses breathing to help activate the core, increases flexibility through improving our ability to move and helps us achieve a longer, leaner look.


Can anyone do Pilates?

Pilates is a safe form of exercise for all and can be used in both the young and old. Its ease of application and wide diversity of exercises allows it to cater for those more used to little or low level work right the way up to highly trained athletes’. We can adapt or modify our exercises to ensure very one is challenged at an appropriate level.


What do I need?


Yourself and comfy clothes to exercise and move freely in, socks and a willingness to participate! All mats and equipment are on site. Just bring a towel and a drink.


What benefits does Pilates have?


  • Due to its nature we can work everyone at an appropriate level – from acute injuries to chronic pain sufferers.
  • Improve your posture – learn what your postural type is and how to correct poor patterns.
  • Fulfil your potential and get more out of your body – highly important for those in demanding physical jobs or in sustained poor posture.
  • Achieve a longer leaner look and alter your posture with a little “specific” knowledge.

What’s the difference between Mat and Studio work?


Mat work will be a more generalised program and is done on the floor in a group of up to 8-10 using the body itself as a means resistance. It may use small equipment such as the fit ball, foam roller, magic circle or theraband to provide some variety and increased resistance. This is a more affordable way to do Pilates and gives good results but is non-specific due to the nature of a general class program. We will do a little of everything! Class times are set in approx 10 weeks that run with the school terms.

Studio work utilises the big specialised Pilates equipment such as the trapeze table reformer, wunda chair and barrel. Programs are designed specifically for the individual and therefore is a personalised program giving better and more specific results in a shorter space of time. We work on specifics to get the most out of your body and therefore results. These sessions are available throughout the year and are made on an appointment basis.

A lot of our clients do a mix of the two so they get the best of both worlds.


How often do I need to attend?


As with any exercise based program – 2-3 times a week is recommended – however everyone can commit to that. We have a lot of our clients who attend once a week and still get good results – a lot of that comes from them putting into practise what they have learned in their initial consult and translating that through to everyday life. We can provide you with a home program to compliment your attendance as required.


What types of conditions can Pilates help?

  • Neck and back pain
  • Muscular and joint aches and stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Poor flexibility
  • Posture awareness
  • Balance and co-ordination
  • Acute and chronic injuries

I have had chronic back pain for years and nothing has helped – my GP has recommended Pilates but how would Pilates work?


With low back pain and certainly with chronic low back pain – the large muscles of the spine “brace” use and therefore lead to stiff and painful backs. Our “small” muscle in the back that run between vertebrae in the back stop working – these are part of our core muscles and with chronic inactivity they may stop working altogether. Pilates gets these muscles working and active again which reduces pressure on the bones, joints and large muscles in the spine which then in turn reduced pain. A lot of our clients have experienced good results where other treatments or programs have failed – we use a blend of Pilates with traditional manual techniques and teach you what to do to change your underlying problem causing your pain and correct biomechanical issues –not just the symptoms you experience.


I am an athlete – can Pilates really help my performance?


A thorough assessment will ascertain which areas require work and which areas are letting you down. Gain the competitive edge by learning what muscles are working too hard, are in spasm or fatiguing, and also what muscles are underutilised – therefore not allowing you to perform at your peak and achieve your full potential. We can make your work out sport specific therefore ensuring you perform at the best of your ability.


Who takes the Pilates?


A qualified physio takes all our clinical/rehab sessions whether they be mat or studio based and therefore you assured you will get the best care available and the right advice with regard to your body. We can also treat you with manual techniques if required and are best placed in that situation to ensure you get great carryover of care. If you already have your own physio or other health professional we can liaise with them on what we both want to achieve to ensure we work together towards your goals. A qualified pilates instructor will take our fitness style of sessions including Xtend Barre.


I am currently under the care of a chiropractor/ another physio or osteopath – is that a problem?

No – at Core Fusion we are happy to liaise and work with other health professionals to ensure you receive the best level of service possible and actively encourage integration of your Pilates into your current management program as applicable.


Do I need an initial assessment in order to attend?

An initial assessment is required before starting any clinical Pilates so we can guide you in what areas you need to focus on and raise your awareness of your current core strength/ stability/ posture etc.

A thorough assessment lasts one hour – we look at posture/ core strength/stability/muscle imbalance/flexibility/ control and a thorough musculo-skeletal screening is done to identify any issues that may impact on your current status or future well being if not addressed.

A streamlined assessment can be arranged for those doing our mat classes if you would like to minimise cost and is more a screening session to ensure we help you get the most out of your classes – although the full assessment is recommended.


I am not in pain and have no injury – do I still need to be assessed?

We strongly recommend you are assessed however you can attend our fitness mat classes without an assessment. If you are aware of your own body status and have had a core strength assessment done it will make your Pilates more effective for you. You can opt out if you choose to – some health funds may require an assessment in order for you to access your fund. Our instructor led classes require no assessment and are aimed at those without any restrictions to exercise – attendance at our introduction class is compulsory for our floor /mat Pilates, however Xtend Barre classes can be taken without prior pilates knowledge.


How do I get Started?


We recommend you book in for an initial assessment to ascertain what your body status is – we can then guide you to what would suit you best what you need to work on – we can provide you with some options and advise on what would work best to help you achieve your goal.


Do I need a referral?

No referral is necessary if you are a private client. If you are attending under a worker’s compensation, motor vehicle, medicare enhanced care program or DVA claim – then our sessions are conducted within those remits approved by the insurance company. A gap payment may apply.


Can I claim private health cover rebates?

Yes – if you have physio cover in your policy you may claim a rebate on your sessions. The level of cover you have will dictate the amount of rebate you are eligible to. We have hicaps on site so all claims are electronic and you just pay us the gap difference. Instructor led classes excepted.


Can I just turn up?


No – bookings are essential due to our small class sizes.


I want to do mat classes but cannot commit to a full term – can I pay as I go?

Yes – we have two different rates – a casual rate for those who want to pay as they go and a term rate for those who commit and pay for the term up front. Call for details.


I have not done Pilate before – can a do a trial class and see how I go?


Yes – we are happy for those new to Pilates to come along to a introduction class and check out if Pilates is right for them – it doesn’t suit everyone and that way you have not laid out any commitment to a term or assessments etc – this helps you make an informed decision. These also allow you to attend our Fitness style of classes which are aimed at those with no restrictions to movement and just want to have a workout and gain better core strength, tone and flexibility.


What to do now?

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