back pain management

We Want Pain Free And We Want It NOW!

When we want things to happen or want things to change or be pain free… we want to get there straight away. We all want fast results. Quick wins. Minimal effort. It’s [...]

04/13/2022 // 0 Comments

Are you choosing you when it comes to pain?

I help people get the best out of their bodies. Whether that’s getting pain free, stronger, moving again, performing at your best. I ve been trying to work out how to [...]

03/27/2022 // 0 Comments

What’s going on under the bonnet?

Have you been told there is nothing you can do for your back now? To give up sport or activity and learn to live with it? This is a common scenario we hear from our clients a [...]

03/07/2022 // 0 Comments

Back School – 8 weeks to a better Back.

Your body accommodates over time to chronic  back pain by changing how it moves and how it uses its muscles. You splint the area that is sore and have to move by [...]

03/06/2022 // 0 Comments

Back Pain Is Not Your Fault

I know you’ve been struggling with your back for a long time now, and you’ve gotten yourself all in a tiz and frustrated and angry and upset and now you’re [...]

12/18/2019 // 0 Comments

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