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Core Strength – Have we all gone soft?

How much do you actually USE or work your body day to day and in turn your Core Strength?   I’m from an era ( and I’m not THAT old), but housework was still [...]

08/07/2019 // 0 Comments

How and why does Pilates work?

Pilates was an exercise technique that was devised by the great Joseph H Pilates. He was born a sickly child and spend  years training and developing his method which [...]

07/13/2015 // 0 Comments

Why do I need core strength?

Following on from What does the core do? its is you central base of [...]

12/29/2011 // 7 Comments


Pin It Abdominal muscles Pin It Transversus Abdominis   THE “CORE” the deepest layer of our stomach muscles – comprising the “ Transversus abdominis” or [...]

12/12/2011 // 2 Comments

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